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Web XRVirtual Services

With XR-LABS Web3D Spaces services you can create your very own Web 3D world or even Business meeting. We believe that the Web is already a perfect platform to deliver Immersive top-quality experiences that anyone can access through any device. create or explore all the WebXR services and solutions give your business or community a 3D space to create and share amazing experiences.

  • Virtual classrooms & auditoriums for various educational purposes
  • Classrooms: 10 user classrooms- 25 users classrooms
  • Auditoriums: 50 user auditoriums
  • Virus free Healthy Environments
  • Virtual Product placements
  • Virtual Live Concerts and Music Festivals
  • Virtual Conferences
  • Real Estate Tours and Screenings
  • Remote Business Meetings

Development - XR-LABS

XR / VR / AR Development

We want to cover all ground when it comes to XR Technology so we offer a broad and complex packaged development that works with all XR Technologies, We believe that you cannot just develop VR or AR individually we want to provide you the full range of the XR spectrum for you or your business.

  • VR Development for any platform Oculus/WebVR/Windows Mixed Reality
  • Next Generation 3D Development for Devices like Apple Glasses
  • VR/AR/MR Location Based Development
  • We can Transform your Business into an XR Ready Business We fully support OpenXR across all our projects
  • Live action 360 Video and Photo Integration
  • We work with any AR ecosystem (ARkit,ARCore,Vuforia)

Scanning - XR Labs

3D Scanning Services

In today's digital world everything in your life has become part of the 2D centric Web 3.0 world. It is time now to transform your own real and environments into the Web.40 Virtual world here at XR-LABS we offer word leading 3D scanning solutions that will bring you the ability to scan and import ANYTHING you want into the Virtual world.

  • Avatar Laser 3D Capture with Tetavi Systems
  • High-Fidelity volumetric video capture solution
  • Next generation 3D content for devices like Apple Glasses
  • Realtime Holographic Teleconferencing
  • Capture any space in 3D using Matterport Tech
  • Live 3D remote Services and Real Time Assistance


$500 /year

Medium / Big Companies



$250 /year

Small Business / Startup



$100 /year

Personal / Freelancer




Students / Teachers

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